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  • To organize develop capabilities and train rural peoples and community to improve their position in society through socio-economic activities.
  •  To work for the empowerment of the most- neglected, oppressed, downtrodden, disadvantaged, underprivileged, maragnlised section of the community specially Women and children.
  • To remove the bad practices like cast discrimination, gender decimation, dowry etc from the community.
  •  To work for improving the educational status with in the most neglected and downtrodden community the strengthen them through different education related activity.
  • To moblise community for protecting environment with the help of plantation and natural resource management. At the same also work for the protection wild creatures.
  • To trained the farmers through different skills and new scientific agriculture technique and empowering them for improving the livelihood alternative with best agriculture practices.
  •  To work for the rrehabilitation and resettlement of disable & handicapped persons and linked them with government social schemes.
  • To promote the renewable sources of energy within the community and provided knowledge about different sources and method of renewable source of energy.

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